Feeling lost in your job search?


You want to know:

What is going on in your industry?  

Who can help you get connected back to the work you love?

Is your industry growing or dying?

Do you need training
to learn to do something else?


NERETA stands for the "North East Regional Employment and Training Association" and is made up of workforce development and economic development professionals, educators, business people, industry professionals and more throughout the Northeastern US from Maine to the Virginias.  (Find more about NERETA at

 We are in contact with industry professionals in the northeast and we are going to reconnect you to your industry so that you can get answers!


What you can expect...

There will be three opportunities for you to interact at each career fair.

Meet Employers and Educators -

      Employers and educators will have tables in the main ballroom and you will be able to meet the company human resources professionals and college recruiters to discuss the opportunities they have available. 

Networking Room –

            Resume writers, job coaches and representatives from industry specific organizations such as unions and associations will be available for you to talk to and learn from in the                 Networking Room. This room is also a lounge atmosphere for you to meet and talk with other jobseekers in your industry.

      Presentations -

       A classroom will also be available where employers, educators, job coaches, associations, unions and others will be providing in-depth presentations about their organizations and/or services. 

 All of this is free*  *At some events there may be food/drink available for purchase in the networking room. 

How to dress?   Dress professionally and conservatively.  Think of this as an interview.

How many resumes to bring?   We recommend bringing a minimum of 25 resumes. 

Bring a Notebook!  You are on an information gathering mission at this event!  You are going to be meeting a lot of people you will want to get back in touch with, so we also recommend business card holder clear plastic sheets that clip into your notebook to allow you to organize your business cards.  

Career Fair Advice 
 Before attending the career fair, practice explaining the skills you have to offer in 30 seconds or less.  You will not have much time to make an impression, so make sure your unique selling proposition is easy for employers to understand.  You can use “industry jargon” because everyone will be familiar with the industry. 

Plan to come early and stay for the duration (maybe even hang out afterward).  This is an amazing networking opportunity for you, not just to meet the employers, but to really understand what is going on in your industry.  Be bold!  Walk up to people and introduce yourself.  You already know you have a common interest – your industry of choice!

Take time to sit in on the presentations.  Showing an interest in these industry experts will make them more likely to remember you!

Follow-up- Send a note to all of the people you meet at the fair to thank them for attending and to remind them about what kind of opportunity you are looking for in the industry.  . Even if they do not have an opportunity for you, chances are good that they know other people in the industry who just may have the right opportunity for you.  Few people do this kind of follow-up and it truly makes you stand out as special when you do.  Remember that other job seekers, industry representatives, school representatives and others at this fair will have deep connections in your industry.  It is important to treat each contact as your golden ticket to your next employment opportunity.

Join  Linked In groups are available for NERETA Industry-Focused Career Fairs so that you can meet people in your industry in the northeast.  
Join the NERETA industry-focused career fairs conversations on Linked here: 

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