Employers... and others who want to connect with jobseekers

SERIOUSLY, how many resumes are you going through to find qualified candidates?  

You know who you are looking for and can spot it in moments! 

You can spend hours poring over resumes and doing interviews one person at a time, or spend four hours at an industry-focused career fair to see the candidates you want to see, to meet and interact with other representatives in your industry from your region, and be a goodwill ambassador to the community from your industry by helping the community to become more educated about who your business is and what your business does.  

That is four hours well spent!

“I want to connect with jobseekers.”    

We understand...but, let's face it, you don’t want to connect with just any jobseekers, you want “the right jobseekers” and for that, you have come to the right place! 

NERETA industry-focused career fairs offer you the opportunity to connect specifically with jobseekers in your industry.

One month during the year, your industry (and related industries) are focused on, and three career fairs are produced in strategically located regions appropriate for that industry throughout the northeastern US.  This brings together the jobseekers with the leaders in that industry in that region. 

NERETA stands for the "North East Regional Employment and Training Association."  

We are workforce development professionals, economic development professionals, industry representatives, business people, educators and others who are interested in connecting employers with qualified candidates in the northeastern US from Maine to the Virginias. (Find more about NERETA at www.nereta.org)

We are eager to help you with your talent search and help your business grow.  

The better you do, the better we all do!

There are several opportunities to connect with jobseekers at these industry focused career fairs.

    Vendor Tables -

Employers, educators and others may purchase tables in the main ballroom to speak with jobseekers.                                                  

A 6’ skirted table is offered with two chairs and a waste basket.
        Our pricing is simple.                                                                               

$500 for one event.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

$850.00 for two events ($425.00 per table)  

$999 for three events ($333 per table)

Discounts are available only for events held in the same month (for the same industry).                                                                                

    Networking Room –

Resume writers, job coaches, representatives from industry specific organizations such as unions and associations, as well as economic development professionals and  government representatives, etc. may represent themselves in the Networking Room for only $99 per person. However, this does not offer a table for these representatives. The networking room is a lounge of sorts for you to meet and talk with jobseekers in your industry in a casual atmosphere.  Employers and educators may not be represented in the Networking Room.  Think of this as the “green room” for jobseekers…helping them to prepare to speak with employers and educators in the main ballroom.  Those who register as “information specialists” to offer their assistance to jobseekers in the networking room will be given a special identifying tag so that job seekers know who to ask  for help from in that room.

*Note - There may be food/drink available for purchase in the networking room at some events. 

  Presentations -

A classroom will also be available where employers, educators, job coaches, associations, unions and others will be providing in-depth presentations about their organizations and/or services. 

Pricing is $75 for a 15 minute presentation or $150 for a 30 minute presentation.  NERETA provides the laptop, projector and screen for you.

Advertising - 

There are three levels of advertising you may purchase: Supporter, Partner, and Champion.

 Supporter- is for a one day event of your choice.                                                                                        $2500

  • This endorsement provides a “double booth” in a premium location                     
  • Half hour presentation slot                                                                                                               
  • Will be listed as a supporter on event materials provided to jobseekers that day  
  • May provide materials to jobseekers in registration packet       
  • Announced as a “Supporter”
  • Listed on “Thank You” materials for our supporters
  • Company name listed prominently on the jobseeker page of the website as a supporter for month of your industry fairs                               

        Partner- is endorsement for all three of the career fairs f(the entire month) in your industry.             $10,000

  • This endorsement provides a “double booth” in a premium location at all three career fairs in your industry    
  • Half hour presentation slot at all three career fairs in your industry                                                          
  • Listed as a “Partner” on event materials provided to jobseekers that month         
  • May provide materials to jobseekers in registration packet                       
  • Announced as a “Partner”
  • Listed on “Thank You” materials for our supporters    
  • Name and logo on some signage for the event that month
  • Logo with link to your business is listed on the jobseeker page and on the calendar page of the website as a partner

     Champion- is endorsement for all 36 career fairs for the year (September through August).            $150.000

  • This endorsement provides a “double booth” in a premium location at all events               
  • Half hour presentation slot at all events          
  • May have up to five representatives at the event
  • Free access to the Networking Room
  • Will be listed on all event materials (Name and logo on all website pages, signage, contracts, career fair advertising, news releases, bag for attendees)
  • May provide materials to jobseekers in registration packet                       
  • Announced as a Champion
  • Listed on “Thank You” materials as the Champion    
  • Name and logo prominently displayed on all signage at the event all year
  • Champion is treated as a co-sponsor of all NERETA career fairs for the entire year
  • Company logo and link to your business is displayed on the homepage, calendar page and jobseeker page for the entire year


What you can expect          

All vendors must pre-register for the event.  There are limited slots available in all three rooms, therefore we recommend that you register early.  Slots are awarded on a first-come-first served basis and no reservations are held without payment in full.  (Please see full terms and conditions below).

All vendors must be set-up no later than 12:30 pm.  A brief 15-minute orientation will be provided prior to the start of the event from 12:30-12:45.  Please be sure to be at this orientation as there will be much valuable information offered that you will not want to miss! 

Vendors who have purchased time in the presenter room will be given their time slot at the orientation.  No one will prompt you to go to your presentation.  It will be your responsibility to be in the presenter room at the appointed time and to leave on time.  These are back to back presentations and timing will be critical.

We expect vendors to stay for the full four-hour duration of the event until 5pm.  Vendors who leave early hurt jobseekers who may be leaving work early to get to the event.  And you may be missing the best candidates by leaving early.  We will also have door prizes for employers who stay until the end of the event!

To keep costs low in order to encourage the broadest possible engagement, no food or drink is being offered to vendors at these events. However, there may be some food or drink offered for purchase at some locations.  We will let you know when we send the reminder notice to you a week before the event if food and/or drink will be available for purchase.

Join the ConversationWe have established Linked In groups for NERETA Industry-Focused Career Fairs so that you can meet people in your industry before the career events and stay in touch with them afterward.  In fact, there are subgroups for every industry sector!  
Join the NERETA  industry-focused career fairs conversations on Linked here: 

Employer/Vendor Registration

Terms and Conditions:

Registering for NERETA Industry Focused Career Fair event(s), bind you to the following terms.

  • Payment in full is required with registration.  All vendor and advertising opportunities are provided on a first-come-first-served basis.  

• You agree that NERETA, the event facility, and their respective officers, employees, and/or agents are not responsible for the safety of exhibits, exhibitors or visitors, and that they shall have no liability to you or others arising from, relating to, or otherwise concerning damages, injury or harm arising from vandalism, theft, robbery, water damage, fire damage, or other causes.

• You agree that NERETA has no responsibility to insure against damages or harm, and that, if you desire insurance, you shall obtain it at your own expense.

• You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless NERETA, the event facility, and their respective officers, employees, and/or agents against any loss, damage or expense (including attorney's fees) arising from, relating to, or otherwise concerning this agreement, unless proximately caused by the indemnified party’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.

• Neither NERETA nor the event facility shall have any liability for delays or extra expenses caused by strikes, labor disputes, and acts of terrorism, weather or other cause beyond their control.

• You agree that NERETA may, in its sole discretion, cancel any event for any reason without any liability other than the refund of any deposit for the cancelled event.

• You agree that payments made to NERETA are non-refundable, and that you are not entitled to a refund in part or in full if you cancel or fail to attend an event.

• You authorize NERETA to use the names of participating employers and/or photos from the career fair events in promotional materials and advertising.

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